Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy and birth are one of the most important times in a woman's life.  It's full of wonder and amazement feeling a new life growing inside of you and anticipating your new life together.  Unfortunately, it can also be a time of swollen ankles, an aching back, difficulty sleeping and deep anxiety.  Why suffer when there is help available to ease the discomfort of pregnancy so that you can fully enjoy this magical time? 

At Camden Maine Massage Therapy, pregnancy and birth are celebrated.  Nicole Recht (LMT, Certified Doula (birthing assistant) and mother of three, is intimately familiar with the joys and trials of pregnancy and birth.  Nicole is specially trained to assist you in finding relief from the discomforts of pregnancy.  During a treatment, you will be totally pampered and your individual needs considered for your optimal comfort.  Hard to find a comfortable position lying down?  No need to worry, Nicole knows the tricks to make you cozy and comfortable on the table while enjoying a deep relaxing massage.

For thousands of years women have enjoyed the benefits of massage during the child bearing year, such as:

  • relief from sciatic pain
  • decreased muscle tension in the lower back, neck and shoulders
  • respite from anxiety and stress
  • preparation for mindful relexation during birth
  • increased circulation, feeling of well being and reaching a state of deep relaxation
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