Frequently Asked Questions

How much clothing should I leave on during my massage?

For a custom massage you can undress to your level of comfort.  You will be draped with a sheet and blanket during your entire massage treatment.  If your therapist is working on your arm, your arm will be uncovered then gently tucked back under the sheet before your therapist begins working on another body part of the body such as the back or leg, etc.  At no point during your treatment are the breasts or genitals ever exposed.

I’ve never had a massage before, what should I expect?

Your therapist will review your health history form with you prior to your treatment.  This is also an opportunity for you to share any questions or concerns you may have and areas that you feel require special attention ie.  low back pain, sore neck, etc.

Next your therapist will instruct you as to whether you should begin face-up or face-down   and then you will be left alone to undress and make yourself comfortable between the sheets on the table.  Your therapist will knock before re-entering the room.

For a custom massage the arms, legs, back, head, neck and feet will be worked and abdominal massage if you choose.  When your session is complete your therapist will quietly leave the room, allowing you ample time to dress.

What do I do if the pressure is too much or something hurts during the massage?

Your therapist will periodically check in with you during your treatment to get a sense if the pressure of the massage is to your liking.  We encourage you to speak up if the pressure is too light or too deep or if a particular technique is uncomfortable for you in any way.

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